Read and Dance with Us

In the frame of Open Futures, The Field is organizing Textual Fantasy on Saturday November 21th. We will begin by reading together and afterwards experience a movement practice - both are led by the hosting guest(s). Textual Fantasy is a way to meet different texts, meet each other, and to find ways of physically digesting information. It will be cozy and informal, there will be tea and snacks. Bring your friends!

The hosting guests for this first edition are Juan Ferrari and Esther Meunier Corfdyr . Their proposed text is Undrowned by Alexis Pauline Gumbs. 

Practical Infos //
Saturday, 21. November 2021, 16:30-18:30
Bühne 2, Tanzhaus Zürich (Wheelchair accessible)
Language: English

Biographies //
Juan Ferrari (he / they / no pronouns): Uruguayan digital artist, nomad, queer, working in between disciplines (theater, performance, art, design, game design). Artist of displacement, he construct his identity from movement. Deterritorialisation is the first motivation of their artistic practice and identity, intimately linking their work and personal history. From the inside out, in a perpetually moving flow of transformation that intends to glitch and escape hegemonic structures in which existence is survival.

Esther Meunier Corfdyr (she / her): Movement artist, Stage Director and Dramaturg, Esther Meunier Cordyfr works mostly in theater, dance and performance. Formally trained as a ballet dancer with a Master in Performing Arts Studies, Esther continued her formation as a dancer in Germany and eventually studied hypnotical methodology for creation with Catherine Contour. Her interest in questioning states of presence and consciousness is what drives her academic and artistic research about hypnosis and sleep. Besides different artistic and interdisciplinary collaborations and her work as a director for the company Les Libres Etendues, Esther works also as a pedagogue with non-dancers in schools, universities, social centres and prisons.


Open Futures

The Field is delighted to be taking part in Open Futures for the next couple of weeks. Conceptualized as a transdiciplinary and experimental space to reflect on sustainability, Open futures will present exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops, walks and markets in cooperation with Shedhalle, Tanzhaus Zürich, Gessnerallee and Newrope.

In the frame of its research on the topic of Water, The Field will present on November 11th "Take Your Body for a Walk" (17:30-18:15) .This interactive format aims to build a collective experience and an online community for the duration of a walk. The walk will be followed by a talk (18:30-20:00) focusing on the metaphorical correspondences between corporeality, fluid movement and the system earth. The invited speakers are collective's member Lucia Gugerli, visual artist Monica Jäger and climate scientist Raphael Portmann.

Both event are free of charge. More information on the website of Open Futures and Tanzhaus Zürich


A Garden in Italy

For its first international outing, The Field took part in the B.Motion Festival in Bassano Del Grappa (IT) in August 2021 and presented A Garden in Italy in collaboration with the group of Italian artists "The Walker".

abcdance shares impressions of the event in its latest review:


We Object

Performed by residents of the Wollishofen neighbourhood, The Field will present We Object on three consecutive days (16-18 September) in the frame of About Us!. You can find more information about the event on the website of the festival.


B.Motion Festival

From August 19-22, 2021 The Field will take part in the B.Motion Festival in Bassano Del Grappa (IT). Together with The Walkers, a group of Italian artists with whom the collective has had regular digital artistic exchange since March 2021, they will present a daily interactive event at 5pm in the Giardini Parolini. The collaborative encounter will cultivate a space where questions from the public are allowed to bloom into physical, danced answers. A fertile ground where answers can blossom into conversations and conversations can ferment into change: a public intervention that stems from the need to allow physical and varied responses, a moment dedicated to what the body can answer. 


The Best And The Worst of Us

In the frame of Theater Spektakel, The Field will present The Best And The Worst of Us on August 27+28, 2021 (19:30) at Tanzhaus Zürich. Presale starts on July 14. Make sure to book your tickets early here :-)


Interested in being part of a dance performance?

The Field is looking for people who would like to participate in the dance piece We Object, which will be performed in September at the intercultural weeks of About Us!. Participation is free!

You can find more details about the project and the condition of participation in the call for entries, available in English and German.

We are looking forward to welcoming you by We Object!



After two postponments (due to you-know-who), The Field will be happy to finally bring to the stage The Best and The Worst of Us in the frame of Theater Spektakel in August 2021. We can't wait!


Onto a new exciting adventure

The Field will spend the upcoming week with Meg Stuart on researching new approaches and themes for choreographic practices. This initial collaborative encounter is a spark for a longer creative process planned in 2022. 



Once again, The Field is to be seen by ZÜRICH TANZT. This year the dance collective invites you to take part in an unconventional walk on May 16 and will make your body move during two crash courses. Make sure to check the program and don't miss the little interview with Lucia Gugerli.


züri läbt goes on

In collaboration with Züri läbt, The Field offers online warm-up sessions to keep you moving in times of home office. If you are looking for a gentle workout and fresh perspectives, join us on April 12, 14 and 21 (09:30-10:00).


züri läbt

In the frame of züri läbt, a cultural initiative from the Stadt Zürich, The Field will offer a free of charge 30-minute physical warm-up on Monday March 22 (09:30-10:00). A little selection of physical practices will loosen you up and will keep you moving in these times of home office.



The Field is happy to announce that it will take part in the 2021 edition of Zürich Tanzt with an interactive format. The festival will take place from May 7-30 and will propose dance in various forms on a daily basis. Stay tuned!


Scalable Skeletal Escalator

This month The Field had planned to present to the audience its stage version of Isabel Lewis' Scalable Skeletal Escalator. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing closure of theatres, the premiere of this piece cannot take place and will be presented at a later point. Nevertheless, The Field will keep on working and will use that time wisely for the creative process with Isabel Lewis leading the sessions remotely from Berlin and Paris.


It's premiere day by TanzPlanOst

In the midst of a second wave of the pandemic, The Field is delighted to be able to keep on performing. Tonight the collective premieres "To Those Who Wait" in the frame of TanzPlanOst in St-Gallen. We are very much looking forward to it!


The Field by TanzPlan Ost

Don't miss The Field with "To Those Who Wait" by TanzPlan Ost from November 20 to December 10 (detailed scheduled on the website of TanzPlan Ost).

In a world of technological dependence and decreased attention spans «To Those Who Wait» confronts our appetite for immediacy and overstimulation. Tongue in cheek and through a process of deceleration, The Field questions the value of our time. With a contemporary and lucid aesthetic «To Those Who Wait» flirts at the edge of satisfaction and pulls at the borders of refrain, striking a blow to the heart of our hyper-saturated world.


In need of some dancing love?

The impact of the pandemic has spared no one. To bring some comfort and ligthen your days, The Field proposes some practices to do "in case of dancemergency" which are presented in short videos on our vimeo channel. Use them any time you need!


Opening of Scalable Skeletal Escalator​

The Field warmly invites you to the opening of the exhibition Scalable Skeletal Escalator taking place on Wednesday September 23, 2020 from 6-9 pm as part of the Festival “Fleshy Interface”. Conceived by Isabel Lewis, Scalable Skeletal Escalator is an experimental live art work in the form of a multi-organismic assemblage, like the human body itself, shuddering and shaking into being. This work invites collaborators (among them The Field) and visitors on a participatory epistemological quest to re(dis)cover the body by rehabilitating our human sensorium in order that we might enhance living rather than alienate ourselves from life.


The Field and Isabel Lewis

The Field is delighted to announce its upcoming collaboration with the multisensory artist Isabel Lewis. From September 24 to November 8, 2020 The Field will add its performative flair to Scalable Skeletal Escalator, a experimental live art work conceived by Isabel Lewis for the Kunsthalle Zürich. Building on this work, Isabel and The Field will then put together a stage version to be presented in Tanzhaus Zürich in March 2021 in the frame of Zürich Moves! Be prepared for the unexpected.


The Field at Theater Spektakel

The Field is delighted to announce its participation in the 41st Zürcher Theater Spektakel taking place from August 13th to the 30th with an extended outdoor version of I Object in the frame of the DeZentral program. In preparation for this special intervention in public space, we have been collecting free stuff from all over Zurich for weeks and will give the discarded objects back to the streets on a specific date and location revealed on the website of the festival. Our aim is to rethink the relationship between us and material. The protagonists in this dance of transformation are the urban space, a wild collection of everyday objects and two performers of the collective


Guesting at Kunsthaus Zürich

Spending a hot summer day at the museum?... Yes sure!  And even more so when The Field is proposing some performative interventions in the collection. Find more information here and join us on August 23rd at Kunsthaus Zürich!


Thank you PNB Paribas

The Field's backer, PNB Paribas, has just published its newest report featuring the collective on page 2. Browse through and enjoy!


e-mail my heart

This Friday, The Field takes a step further in exploring how performance and dance can navigate the cyberspace with email my heart. Presented in the frame of the event series Sharing and Responding organized by the Academy of Fine Art Vienna and Kunsthalle Wien, this performative intervention pushes the envelope of virtual reality.


Dancing in times of physical distancing

On Saturday May 16th, The Field will answer your questions with a dance in the frame of Zürich Tanzt! In a moment when we are encouraged to take physical distance from one another, The Field presents Question Kiosk 2.0, a digital format fostering intimate exchanges and mutual inspiration. No matter how big or small your question is, your danced answer will be personal and made with care. Check out the website of Zürich Tanzt to find out how to take part.


The Best and the Worst of Us

On March 30, 2020 in the frame of "Zürich Moves!", The Field would have premiered The Best and the Worst of Us, an iconic piece by Simone Aughterlony at Tanzhaus Zürich with additional shows at Südpol Luzern. Unfortunately due to the restrictions imposed associated with the Covid-19 crisis, the show will have to be postponed to a later date. Until then, we find comfort in sharing with you our "Quarantine version" as a symbolic gesture to better days and in appreciation of Simone's work and the support of our collaborative partners. Thank you to Tanzhaus Zürich, Zürich Moves! Südpol Luzern and all our sponsors! We are looking forward to sharing the live version with our audience as soon as possible!


¿ Ask a question¿ Receive a danced answer¿

In time of social distancing, The Field wishes to foster one-to-one interactions through a digital Question Kiosk, an interactive project that proposes a dialogue between performers and audiences. The concept is simple: The Field will provide a danced response to any question asked (any topic) with the possibility to engage in a further exchange of ideas with the performer. Wanna take part? Check out the Tanzhaus Zürich Instagram and you’ll find out how! Don't have Instagram? No worries! Submit your question via email and we will get back to you with our performative reply.

We are looking forward to your questions!


Update on upcoming performances

Following the restrictive measures put into place to limit the spread of the corona virus, zürich moves as well as ZÜRICH TANZT have been canceled. We are therefore unable to present either The Best and the Worst of Us or Question Kiosk. We hope to stage both the performance and the interactive project at a later stage in 2020 or 2021. Stay tuned for some updates and meanwhile stay healthy!


Come and see our latest work at zürich moves!

In the frame of zürich moves! (30.03-01-04-2020), The Field presents at Tanzhaus Zürich The Best and the Worst of Us, a metamorphic re-enactment of Simone Aughtlerony's iconic piece and the collective's first full evening piece