Dancing with neurological challenges

CONNECT is a dance training project for people living with neurological challenges such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson's disease. This project, which is unique in Switzerland and Zurich, is the result of a cooperation between the Tonhalle -Gesellschaft Zürich, the Zurich Opera House, The Field and the Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation.

The pilot phase of CONNECT starts in February 2024 and consists of weekly training sessions.

More info:

COOPERATION The Field, Tonhalle Society Zurich, Zurich Opera House / Zurich Ballet, Dance & Creative Wellness Foundation, Clare Guss-West PATRONAGE Cathy Marston (Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer Ballet Zurich
), Ilona Schmiel (Intendant Tonhalle Society Zurich) SUPPORTED BY Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, Parkinson Switzerland SCIENTIFIC ADVICE Neurological Clinic University Hospital Zurich: Parkinson Team and MS Team, Elevate ® Scottish Ballet: Specialists in the dance programme for people with MS