Scalable Skeletal Escalator
Scalable Skeletal Escalator

Experimental live art work

Museum Installation (durational performance)

Scalable Skeletal Escalator is an experimental live art work conceived by Isabel Lewis in the form of a holobiont, a multi-organismic assemblage, like the human body itself, shuddering and shaking into being. Together with various collaborators, The Field brings a performative component to the organic ecosystem evolving through a 7-week exhibition.

CONCEPT Isabel Lewis COLLABORATIVE ARTISTS Dirk Bell, Callie's Berlin, Lara Dâmaso, The Field, LABOUR, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Rafał Pierzyński, Mathias Ringgenberg, Tanzhaus Zürich, Kunsthalle Zürich, Sissel Tolaas, Juliette Uzor, Marcelo Alcaide and Yolanda Zobel COORDINATION Romain Guion DRAMATURGY ASSISTANCE Lea Moro PHOTO Andrea Ebener & Annik Wetter

COPRODUCTION Kunsthalle Zürich